April 29, 2016


Our experienced Geologists can assist in your exploration program. We can give a quote for any of your exploration needs.

Our Exploration services can provide you with the following

Desktop studies.

  • Extensive research on old data
  • Topographical diagnostics
  • Geological mapping
  • Mapping of  Landsat and Aster images
  • Diagnostics on the accessibility of the project
  • All this information can be presented separately or together in an geological report on the project.

Project Management

  • Project Review and Recovery
  • Project management services
  • Project Control system.
  • Cost and time estimate
  • Deliverable schedule
  • Quality control
  • Health and safety plan
  • Cost control
  • Progress reports

Field Planning

  • Estimation of manpower requirements
  • Time and cost plan
  • Field gear estimate
  • Planning, setting up and building camps