April 29, 2016

About us

North Atlantic Mining Associates Ltd (“NAMA” ) was established in June 2009. NAMA has operational headquarters in Iceland.

NAMA is a exploration and mining services company with experience in the construction and operation of open pit mines, mine tunneling, airports and power stations. NAMA has operated on time and on budget in some of the harshest weather conditions including Iceland and Greenland.

The core management team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in the mining and civil construction industry and the Company is expanding its workforce of engineers, building crews and project managers to include highly experienced geologists with decades of exploration experience in the Arctic region including Iceland and Greenland.

The NAMA team has built excellent local community relations and an environmental, health and safety record that has been consistently recognised by the communities in which the Company operates.

We offer our expertise in construction management to help you accomplish the  completion of your project on time.